Many workplaces will have processes/areas on their premises which require persons to wear RPE of a designated level.

While the use of RPE is an effective safeguard against respirable particles where preventing production is not possible their use can prove inefficient or even pointless if they are not fitted and worn correctly providing a complete seal around the face.

ESP have qualified face-fit staff who are able to attend your premises with our ‘qualitative mask face-fit’ equipment and carry out individual, certified, face fit tests to your staff members using the RPE you provide for them.

The face fit test includes a short talk explaining to staff the importance wearing RPE and ensuring they are all able to correctly position and fit their own masks before carrying out the face fit test.

In the event of a test failure, we will re-run the test a second time as part of the session with a different mask type in an effort to identify a suitable mask for each individual.