Water quality issues are an increasing priority for industry today. Discharge into rivers and waterways must meet certain standards set by regulatory authorities.

Sample bottles and same-day courier services are supplied as part of the monitoring programme.

Services and Capabilities
One of our qualified and experienced technicians will come to you where we are able to:
Carry out On-Site Water Sample collection for areas such as:
Discharge water
Effluent treatment
Bore hole sampling
Process and potable water

Analyze Samples for determinants such as:
Metals and trace elements
Bromide, Chloride and Fluoride
Oils and greases
Total suspended solids
BOD, COD and pH
Organics and many more

ESP can assist your company in developing a specific sampling and reporting regime that satisfies your individual needs. Reporting by electronic means on a weekly or monthly basis can be carried out to aid in a clients authorisation constraints.

Water quality sampling can prove to be a relatively inexpensive exercise to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.


Our reports are user friendly with results clearly labelled and where necessary recommendations are detailed with easy correlation to the result area it refers to. We are happy to tailor our reports to any specific requirements your company has.