Health, Safety & Occupational Hygiene

Development of good health and safety practices are a must for any company today, as much to safe guard themselves as to provide a safe working environment for your employees.

ESP Environmental has a team of highly skilled and qualified staff uniquely placed to provide expert health, safety and occupational hygiene advice and reports to a broad range of industries or the corporate/public sector.

Today, all employers have statutory responsibilities (duty of care) for ensuring the health, safety and welfare of their employees and to visitors on their premises.

Industrial Services:
From SME’s to major multi-national corporations, ESP provide a comprehensive range of services to assist industry in minimising and managing health and safety risks. These include:

Corporate Services:
At a more strategic level, ESP is able to develop company specific health and safety policies and procedures, which include fully integrated health, safety and environmental management systems if required. ESP is also able to provide comprehensive third party auditing, an over the phone helpline service and a comprehensive range of general, specialist and management health and safety programmes.